Secondary Students After School Activities

Dear Parents/students, please sign-up for after school activities using this link below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mr. R. Wuisman – . We hope to see you soon.  You can find the schedule through this link.

Sign-up link

As a school dedicated to personalized learning and helping students to discover and pursue their passions, we will help you to develop skills and interests in and out of the classroom.
For us, sports are an essential part of education, teaching the life lessons of teamwork, dedication, team spirit, self-confidence and discipline.
The ISE Wolves strive for two key wins: wide student participation in our programme and competitive excellence from our teams. Encouraging students to participate in sports, irrespective of age, ability, or experience is the central theme of athletics at International School Eindhoven.
Young people should enjoy being involved in sport at whatever level is appropriate to their experience and talent. At ISE, we endeavor to be inclusive in competitive sports and to provide students with an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, which complements the excellence of the school’s academic programme.

ISE Campus (Outdoor facilities)
❖      1 Full size soccer artificial field
❖      1 Full size soccer field (Natural grass)
❖      6 lanes Track & Field facility (Artificial)
❖      Philips de Jonghpark – Wide open spaces for excellent cross country training

ISE Campus (Indoor facilities-Swift gym)
❖      3 Volleyball courts
❖      1 Full size Basketball court
❖      2 Fitness rooms (With mirrors)
❖      Climbing wall