Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum refers to what we teach: it is all the planned activities that are organised to promote learning, personal growth and development.  Instruction refers to how we teach.

At the ISE we offer a challenging curriculum that encourages our students to become deep thinkers, problem solvers and creative makers through authentic learning experiences.

Our instruction celebrates our differences as students and staff, using culturally responsive teaching strategies and universal design for learning to ensure that all our students are successful, responsible, and ready for an ever-changing world.

We use an innovative thematic-based approach to teach our foundation subjects; these include Science, Geography, History, Design Technology, Music, Art and Instructional Technology. Our core subjects, Maths and Literacy, are taught using a rigorous curriculum plan which is integrated in the theme where possible. International mindedness, the understanding and appreciation for different viewpoints, cultures, and ways of being, is a major part of how we approach instruction; from the inclusion of home languages in the classroom to working to solve global issues using design thinking; we strive to prepare our students to be caring and resilient leaders of the future.

Our instruction meets the standards of the National Primary Curriculum from England (International Department) or the Kerndoelen Primair Onderwijs (Dutch attainment targets for primary education).

To read more about some of our curriculum and instructional approach, please see these policies:


In addition to instruction in our foundation subjects, students in the International Department take Dutch as a Foreign Language lessons three times a week. These lessons are given in small, differentiated groups with the aim of ensuring that students are able to integrate into the community, understanding both the Dutch language and culture. The Dutch department utilises bilingual instruction: the majority of instruction is in the Dutch language, with at least 30% of instruction in English.

All students have gym lessons once a week with a specialist teacher and once a week with their class teacher.   Students also visit our beautiful library once a week, which includes a lesson with a librarian.

Students have the opportunity to continue to develop their home language through after school lessons and there are additional extension opportunities such as coding, foreign language lessons, drama, choir, and more through our extensive after school activity programme. More information is available here.

Curriculum Support
We have a variety of staff members who specialise in supporting students to be successful across the curriculum, whether this is to provide additional help for students who have learning needs, instruct and support new learners of English, or extend the curriculum for advanced learners.

If you have any questions about the Primary Curriculum you can contact our Leader for Learning, Heather Spanbroek at:

International Student Programme

Are you looking for a different International Programme? Our school is part of SILFO.  SILFO is an Eindhoven-based foundation that offers different international student programmes at three different schools. Click here for more information about the programmes.