School Fees and Costs

The ISE charges a school base fee which is in line with the other Dutch International Schools. The total costs include the base fee and compulsory school-related costs. The total costs are used to reduce the class size, allow for specialized classes, attend to special needs, the organization of special workshops and events and other school-related costs such as examination costs and compulsory excursions and trips. The total costs are also used to purchase extra learning aids and generally improve the learning environment of our school.

ISE School Fees 2023-2024

Primary school fees €5645 (per child)

Secondary school fees (per child):

MP1          €7428
MP2          €7428
MP3          €7428
MP4          €7428
MP5          €7546
DP1           €7773
DP2           €8238

Registration fee per child €200

Refundable deposit per child €500 (Secondary only)

Company fee per child €600

Companies paying the School Fee/Sponsor Contributions on behalf of their
employees’ children will pay an additional, non-refundable amount of €600 per
school year per child. By contributing in this way the employer helps to ensure
that the ISE school fees remain lower than they would be otherwise.