Joint Leadership Team

Mr Boris Prickarts

School Director

Mrs Joan Roach

Head of Primary International

Ms Marcella Watts

Head of Secondary

Welcome to the International School Eindhoven (ISE), an IB World School situated in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic innovation hubs for design, science and technology. We provide primary and secondary education for the children of internationally-minded families within the Brainport – a flourishing creative region, here in the southern part of the Netherlands.

As you begin to explore the information available on our website, I hope you will come to appreciate the pride we have for our school and for the community spirit that makes the ISE such a special place for students to learn and develop. Local families, or those returning from overseas, will be pleased to know that we offer a Dutch bilingual education programme for local primary students alongside our international primary and secondary departments. We work in conjunction with Kinderstad, our early years partner, to offer a bilingual pre-school programme for younger children. All of these programmes are available within one campus situated within a green and bike-friendly area of Northern Eindhoven.

We are a non-profit school established initially with the help and support of the various governments of the region, and also with the support of several Brainport companies. More importantly, we are accredited by the Council of International Schools, which ensures that we not only offer programmes that meet the highest of international standards, but have committed ourselves to a process of continual improvement and development.

We are also a member of a wider foundation of schools, called SILFO; all working together for the benefit of the wider community. Together we offer students the opportunity to study with us from childhood to adulthood, and in the process develop strong personal relationships with each other and their teachers, that will last a lifetime.

Our unique understanding of the needs of international families, combined with our small class sizes, will allow your child to be suitably challenged and supported. Our students will not only realize their potential academically, but will also develop as internationally-minded, multilingual, responsible and creative members of society. Here at the international school eindhoven our aim is to provide an educational experience which encourages our students to develop their talents, and become independent learners who will be future changemakers. We have modified our curriculum to meet the problem-solving challenges our students will encounter as we intentionally teach the design process while honing their collaboration skills.

The ISE is very much a community school. We care about each other. We are committed to providing a school environment that welcomes new individuals to our community. The diversity of our student body fosters mutual respect as we encourage, embrace and celebrate this diversity within the curriculum and through various extra curricular activities. We promote a community that collaborates, connects, interacts and communicates effectively.

If you are a potential new student, we hope that you will come and meet some of our current students — young people who are truly wonderful ambassadors for the region and for our community.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experiences, knowledge and passion for learning.