Group 6: Arts

Visual Arts

Subject Outline

The visual arts ( the only group 6 subject available at ISE) are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding. The course enables students to engage in both practical exploration and artistic production, and in independent contextual, visual and critical investigation. The course is designed to enable students to study visual arts in Higher Education and also welcomes those students who seek life enrichment through visual arts. Students will develop an understanding of visual arts from local, national and international perspectives. They will study international artists and movements and art from different cultures while building confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences. The course will help students develop their skills in, and sensitivity to, the creation of works that reflect active and individual involvement.

Assessment Overview

Assessment in Visual Arts consists of the evaluation of the work as a whole, the processes of investigation and development as well as the finished product. The component contributing to the larger portion of the total assessment is externally assessed and for Option A this is the studio work.


Part 1: Comparative study (20%) Analysis and comparison of different artworks by different artists

Part 2: Process portfolio (40%) Students submit carefully selected materials which evidence their experimentation and refinement of a variety of visual arts activities


Part 3: Exhibition Students submit for assessment a selection of resolved artworks from their exhibition, which should show their technical accomplishment and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas and practices appropriate to visual communication.

Skills Gained on the Course

  • Development of visual awareness, perception and criticism of the Arts
  • Ability to investigate past, present and emerging forms of visual arts and engage in producing, appreciating and evaluating these
  • Development of individual aesthetic, imaginative and creative visual expression.

And beyond…

Particularly relevant careers include Graphic Design, Fine Art and Sculpture, Photography, Textiles, Theatre Design and Publishing.

Keys to Success

  • Show an interest in art and cultures
  • Demonstrate an inquisitive nature and a desire to artistically solve problems, analytical and creative skills
  • Be responsible and plan and organize your own work
  • Applying systematic trial-and-error procedures to new challenges
  • Have an art journal with creative, reflective and artistic content and processes.

DP Admission Criteria

Standard Level

  • Overall minimum grade 4
    • Emphasis on criterion B: 5
    • Criterion A, C, D: 4+

Higher Level

  • Overall minimum grade 5
  • Emphasis on criterion A, B and/or C and/or D consistent 5
  • The department will look at grades for individuals.