Technology in the class Jill

Jill Silvertand and Timea Batenburg work at the ISE as education technology coordinator. This time we would like to introduce Jill Silvertand. She has worked for a couple of years at ISE as an MYP teacher of Biology in the secondary department. She has now been appointed as educational technology coordinator for secondary. Timea and Jill work together to enhance the use of technology in the curriculum.

Jill says: “A first start was the introduction of the interactive boards in the classrooms. About fifty percent of the teachers work with these boards. Next year everyone will. In the near future we want to teach teachers and children more about coding robots. I help the teachers to figure out what technology can do in explaining a theory or concept. For example, spheroballs can visualize a concept of chemistry, physics or arts. In my role I can lower the hurdle to work with technology when someone does not have a natural interest in it. Children are very enthusiastic. They enjoy new experiences and by doing so they are getting familiar with new things and learn how technology can be integrated as a mean in their work, their learning project. We show them what is out there.”