Admission Criteria

Students currently studying in the Middle Years Programme in MP5 are accepted into the Diploma Programme on an individual basis at the International School Eindhoven. However general guidelines are based on:

Academic Attainment

  • A completed MYP school transcript with level 5 grade (or higher) for their higher level subject choices in the Diploma. In the subject pages you will find more specific information on each Diploma subject.
  • A grade 3 or higher for the Personal Project.
  • An overall minimum 28 points on the final MYP report.


Attitude and Motivation

  • A commitment to learning.
  • A motivated attitude and a positive contribution to school life.


Teacher Recommendations
Teachers recommend students in MP5 to be entered for a full Diploma and indicate standard and higher level courses on the second report.

Completing the IB Diploma Over Three Years
The ISE could also offer the option of completing the Diploma over three years in specific cases, in particular for those students whose English language skills do not yet meet the demands of the Diploma. These students are integrated in the DP1 class and have a tailor made subject package in the first year to allow successful progression.

A three year Diploma typically comprises all six subjects at standard level in the first year. Students do not have to complete the extended essay or follow TOK in the first year and complete a comprised version of CAS.