MP5 to DP Transition – Welcome

These web pages aim to guide you through the IB Diploma and the subjects that the ISE offers. The IB Diploma is a challenging programme designed by the International Baccalaureate as a pre-university package of learning. Each of the subject groups and the IB Diploma core are explained and all subject courses reflect the current course outlines. Each subject group has a list of criteria for success in the Diploma Programme and grade as well as criterion requirements as a guide for the choice of standard level and higher level courses.

These pages are to be read in conjunction with the grades awarded and recommendations teachers make on the MP5 mid year, progress and end of year reports. Individual choices made will be carefully analysed and in partnership with the school a final Diploma subject package will be determined by the end of the academic year after student interviews have taken place. Changes to a subject choice can only be made through the student coordinator and IB Diploma coordinator, and discussions with the appropriate teachers.